The Delightful World Of Sushi

19.5.2015 | 13:26

When somebody talks about sushi, we visualize a dish that of rolled rice with raw toppings and a beautiful garnish on it.

Although you are not mistaken as to what a sushi is, the dish does not only sum up to that.

With the modernization and globalization sushi has become a renowned dish all over the world and has covered nearly hundreds of varieties to choose from.

With its mouthwatering look and the tradition that is engraved in the sushi, you cannot help yourself but to satisfy your stomach’s curiosity of the sushi’s wonder.

For beginners, sushi will flood you like some useful information and will leave you to pick which is which and with our aid, you will enlist what’s best for you.

MAGURO NAGIRI- This type of sushi is the most frequent in all Japanese restaurant as it is less expensive and delicious. A lean fresh cut of tuna put above the rolled rice is maguronagiri.

KAPPA MAKI- Named after the river mythical Japanese creature “kappa”, Kappa Maki got its name because the creature eats cucumber which is the prime ingredient of this sushi.

IkuraGunkan- A type of sushi that has salmon eggs on it as a part of the roll.

TORO SUSHI- An expensive sushi due to its ingredients. Having a Bluefin tuna belly as a part of the roll it is somehow juicy and oozing with rich tuna flavor because of that fatty tuna.

CLASSIC ROLL- One of the easiest to make type of sushi, a part of tuna with cucumber and avocado completes the classic roll.

EBI NAGIRI- If you’re not into those raw meat and exotic variety of sushi then Ebinagiri is for you since it is a sushi topped with cooked shrimp on it.

IKA NAGIRI- There comes a time that you got full and you wish to try a sushi which is not made out of fish and shrimp and vegetable then IkaNagiri which is typically a squid sushi is what’s best as far as we can suggest.

TEKKAMAKI- A tuna roll sushi, which is thinly rolled.

CALIFORNIA ROLL- Considered as somehow rare in japan as its recipe came from the westerners. California roll is made out of avocado, cucumber and crab

FUTOMAKI- A dense looking sushi because of its multiple ingredients topped on it. Containing kanpyo, fried egg, mushroom and cucumber

GUNKANMAKI- A sushi with clustered rice, which is described with a hand-form with thick noriwrapped around it.

TEMARIZUSHI- It has an unusual representation compared to other sushi, as it is ball shaped and toppings stuck inside of it.

SASAMAKI- A type of sushi that is encase with a bamboo leaf, it can have any type of maki sushi ingredients on it.

AKAMI- The top loin part of the tuna is being used as the ingredient for this sushi.

BATTERA SUSHI- Instead of being rolled, this sushi appears to be box shape as it is pressed that way. Topped with mackerel and konbu, this completes the Battera sushi

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