Japanese Food Basics

15.12.2014 | 15:15

Japanese food is frequently considered one of the more healthy diets due to the heavily reliance of fish and vegetables for most of the menu items.

Even Japanese home-style cooking cultivates a respect for the vegetables and fish that are available for any particular season.

One of the most important staple foods available is the ever adaptable rice. This essential food has been around for many years and the native people have found various ways to enhance its nutrition through creative use of ingredients and dishes.

There’s a variety of rice dishes that can be explored, but the regular boiled rice is a great foundation for just about any main and side dish item in both Japanese and European cuisine.

One of the most popular forms of a meal is plain white rice served with a carefully cooked fish or other meat. Soup and pickled vegetables may be served on the side of this main dish.

Japan pays special attention to the harvesting of fresh and natural ingredients. Through careful methods of cooking, the robust flavors are captured and presented at each meal time.

Many of the native foods are cooked for a short time, and some may even be consumed in their rawest form.

Soups are common as well. Dashi is one of the staple soups that is comprised of very basic ingredients. This soup can be found in a variety of cuisines, as it’s the foundation of most authentic recipes.

Soy Sauce is a seasoning that was made popular by the Japanese. If used carefully, it can enhance certain flavors in food. As a result, it’s frequently used to season sushi.

The Japanese people are very aware of their manners and use them daily. Improper use from a foreigner is considered a lack of respect and may cause you to be dismissed by the company at your table.

Whenever the Japan natives are ready to consume their meals, they tell each other “Itadakimasu” which indicates their readiness to eat. “Gochiso sama” can be used to thank the provider of the meal.

If you’re going to be attending a large party or important business trip in this majestic country, it would be wise to remember these terms, as they’re frequently used to thank the hosts of the party and pay respects towards their great harvests.

“Kanpai” is the appropriate form of cheers to use whenever making a toast, whether it be sake, beer, or some other alcoholic beverage.

While Japan is famous for their healthy meals, they’re also not afraid to venture out and try other foods from various countries as well.

They tend to borrow recipes or meal ideas from European countries and North America. In addition to the rice staple, they also consume breads, noodles, pastas, and a variety of meats.

The larger cities in Japan offer a variety of fast food restaurants to choose from for a quick meal. Many are surprised to find that some of the foods you can find in North America, you can also find on these foreign soils.

McDonalds offers their tasty burgers and fries (small size only) to the vast populations and is greeted with eager younger consumers.

Fried chicken and hamburgers are one of the most popular fast food items available here. Usually these burgers or chicken varieties are most popular with the younger crowd including the children.

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