2017 Honda Civic Concept Car Previews New Style

14.3.2016 | 17:44

Honda has finally unveiled its concept design for the new 2017 Honda Civic. The sporty new look marks a considerable change for the current divisive styling of its current model.

The current Civic’s unique humpbacked style is expected to be consigned to be history when the year 2017 arrives. This is when the new model for the line will be expected to go on sale based on the design concept that the maker has unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Sure, the Model that has been presented by Honda for this event is only expected to be used for modeling purposes. But Honda has since been known to roll out concept designs that are usually the very same ones with only slight alterations when it comes to the actual model. So, buyers can expect that a good chunk of the look, design, and performance of the actual model is going to be largely based on such a prototype.

The principal designer for this prototype, Daisuke Tsutamori has already stated that the prototype is actually at such a close level to the mass production. So, it is expected that people who are going to see the final car when it will be rolled out might even think that it is actually still the prototype version. That is how similar they are expected to be.

The current look of the new Civic is considered to be such a stark departure from the current look of the current model. The current Civic has always been getting flack due to the fact that the styling is quite divisive. It has been noted that it actually has tow weak points. The first one has something to do with the rear visibility. The second weakness has something to do with the high stance that the vehicle has when it comes to the rear view. These points have been successfully eliminated and addressed with the new design. The rear spoiler has now been lowered.

The thickness has been reduced as well. Also, the windows are now designed to be just one single sheet only. Thus, drivers will no longer have to be limited with their view with obstacles.

It does take inspiration from the Civic Coupe that is currently being offered in the US market. There is a pair of doors that have been added along with a useful hatchback towards the rear of the car. The current prototype does look the part. Still, the true test is going to be when it will have to sit alongside the mainstream rivals in the European and UK roads later on.

Since this is a prototype, Honda did leave out some key components. People who are wondering what the vehicle is likely going to look like from the inside will have to wait a bit longer. The model did not even have seats or a dashboard. So, there is still no details that can be had when it comes to the interior design or its quality or talk about the headroom.

The makers have reiterated that this new car actually offers versatility and practicality. This means that it will be on par with the closest rivals 2017 Nissan Murano. The prototype has a long wheelbase and large wheels as well. The makers have given assurance that these are features that will remain in the actual product as well.

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